Commerce City North Business Owners & Managers

This website and the companion newspaper are for local businesses as well as residents. For a business to take part in any of the opportunities here, the business must be a brick and mortar or home-based business located within Commerce City North (see the map below) or a member of the Commerce City Chamber of Commerce.

Get Your Commerce City North Business Noticed

Free Advertising for Commerce City North Businesses

If you own or manage a business in Commerce City North, make sure your business is easy for residents in our community to find, by adding it to the business directory. After you add your business to the business directory, it will have a card displayed on the Commerce City North business directory page and a dedicated business page with details, description and images for your business.

Adding your business is free and easy!

  • Anyone with a brick and mortar or home-based business in Commerce City North can add a business listing (businesses belonging to the Commerce City Chamber are also encouraged to participate).
  • You must be registered and logged in to submit a business. Links are at the top right of every page.
  • Click on the ‘My Account’ link after you are logged in.
  • Scroll down to the business listing section and click ‘Add a Business’.
  • Complete the form and click submit.
  • After your business has been approved, you can edit your business info and images from your account page.

Claim a business that is already published

If your business is already posted but you didn’t add it, you can claim it. To claim a business, you must be registered and logged in. Find your business card/listing on the Business Directory page and click on ‘claim business’ on the bottom corner of the card. Once your claim is approved, you can edit your business info and images from your account page.

How is the order of the businesses in the directory determined?

The order is based on a points system. Every business starts with 0 points. If you added or claimed your business, it will get 1 point. Businesses earn more points by sponsoring a raffle or contest, by advertising in the companion newspaper (Commerce City North Community Courier), or by participating in a business interview video. Businesses with equal points are ordered randomly. 

Every business listed in the directory can have a business deal attached to their listing. Business deals are displayed on the home page (4 random deals), on your business page and on the business deals page. You can add an expiration date, and you can edit your deal at any time.

How to add your business deal

  • You must be registered, logged in and already have an approved business listing to add your business deal.
  • Click on ‘My Account’ link at the top or bottom of any page.
  • Scroll down to the business you want to add a deal to.
  • Click on ‘Add Deal’, fill out the form, upload a square image and click submit.
  • Come back to your account page anytime to edit your deal.


Soon I will start filming business interviews for the site. videos are initially being planned to go on business pages, on the CommerceCityNorth Facebook page, on Youtube, randomly on the homepage and maybe in the CommerceCityNorth email newsletter. Let’s have some fun together and film your business video interview. email to to get your business on the video schedule list.

More Ways to Advertise:

Map of Commerce City North

Brick and Mortar Businesses must be located within the gold lines or be a member of the Commerce City Chamber of Commerce.
If you have a Home Based Business, your place of residence must be inside the gold lines.

Commerce City North Map