Commerce City North Commerce Coin

Commerce Coins

Earn Commerce Coins By Engaging in The Commerce City North Community Website – Spend Them on Raffles to Win Products and Services From Local Businesses

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How To Earn More Commerce Coins

Earning Commerce Coins is easy. You get 50 Commerce Coins when you register and earn 1 Commerce Coin per day just for logging in.

Earn coins by sharing this site with your friends and neighbors in Commerce City North. You get 1 coin if they visit our site and 10 coins if they become a member. If you are logged in, copy and share the following URL to earn referral coins:

In addition to the following opportunities, look for other ways to earn points throughout the website.

You must be logged in to earn and use Commerce Coins.

Commerce City North Commerce Coin

You get 50 Commerce Coins just for Registering!

Current Raffles

Valentine’s Day Sweets, Treats & Eats

1st Place
(2) 60-minute massage gift certificates
2nd Place
$50 Bison Grill gift card
3rd - 27th Place
Free Delfina's Sweets Donut
15 Commerce Coins to Enter
Raffle Sponsored By: