A new Dunkin’ store has opened at 14950 East 104th Avenue, taking over the space previously occupied by a Dairy Queen Grill & Chill. The change comes after years of issues for the Dairy Queen, which faced numerous challenges since its opening.

The Dairy Queen at this location had a rocky start, with construction and opening delays. Just as it began to establish itself, the COVID-19 pandemic caused further setbacks, leading to repeated closures and re-openings. Customers often voiced their frustrations over inconsistent service, frequent menu item shortages, and general operational issues. Many reviews highlighted problems such as incorrect orders and poor customer service, contributing to its troubled reputation in the community​​.

After the Dairy Queen closed its doors, Dunkin’ moved in, aiming to bring stability and quality to the location. The new store offers a variety of coffee, espresso, donuts, and breakfast sandwiches, and includes a drive-thru for added convenience. Dunkin’ is known for its consistent service and reliable product offerings, which are expected to meet the needs of Commerce City North residents more effectively than its predecessor.

This new opening is part of Dunkin’s broader strategy to expand its presence and provide more convenient locations for its customers. The addition of Dunkin’ at this location is seen as a positive change, bringing a trusted brand to the community and revitalizing the space that had been left in limbo by Dairy Queen’s struggles.

For more information about the new Dunkin’ store, including its menu and operating hours, you can visit their official location page.

As Commerce City North welcomes Dunkin’, residents hope for a more stable and satisfying experience than what they had with Dairy Queen, which struggled to find its footing in a challenging environment.

The wildlife refuge called in surrounding fire departments to help them attack the quick-moving fires.

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. The Dions restaurant in Commerce City has around 80 employees. But one of them, in particular, is an inspiration to all the others.

Joey Marabito has a developmental disability and communicates in sign language, but its not a barrier, according to his boss, general manager Cherise Nieto.

I saw his work ethic and his passion and decided that I needed him as often as he was able to work, Nieto said.

Dions participates in the Colorado Restaurant Associations Restaurant Ready program, which offers apprenticeships for youth and training to make the workforce more inclusive.

Stacy Griest, with the association, said its important to bring more people into the industry, as restaurants are still trying to rebound from the hiring challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Its being open to all employees, really thinking about their skills and looking at what an individual can do, and how you can build them into your team, Griest said.

Nieto said her biggest learning curve was realizing that Marabito wanted to be treated like every other employee. He gets employee reviews, feedback, and recognition just like the rest of the staff. His colleagues even chose him to receive an award for upholding their value of clean and comfortable location.

He just shows up with excellence, truly, every day. He has a burning desire to do a great job, and that is inspirational, Nieto said.

Commerce City

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The man charged with injuring four first responders after driving into a crash investigation while drunk pleaded guilty to multiple counts of assault Wednesday, according to court records.

Benjamin Winters, 24, was charged with five counts of assault: vehicular assault while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, vehicular assault related to reckless driving and three counts of third-degree assault on a peace officer, according to court records. He pleaded guilty to all counts on Wednesday.

Winters was arrested with a $10,000 bail on Dec. 7 after he allegedly drove around police barriers and hit two South Adams County firefighters and two Commerce City police officers who were investigating a DUI crash on westbound Interstate 76.

Officers were directing traffic to the right shoulder when Winters tried to drive on the left shoulder around the blockade, hitting a cable guard rail and two firefighters before continuing westbound and injuring two police officers and hitting a police vehicle, according to the arrest affidavit.

One firefighter was taken to the hospital with a head injury and a broken leg. The other firefighter and two officers were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Winter will return to court for his sentence hearing on Aug. 9.

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The historic 88 Drive-in Theatre in Commerce City will reopen this weekend despite owners saying it would close for good in 2023.

The 48-year-old drive-in  the last of its kind in the metro area posted on Facebook on May 4 that it would return on Friday, May 10, for the summer season with the double-feature of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

Mark your calendars cause were back on May 10th! the account wrote in a video post.

The drive-ins owners could not be reached for comment Tuesday, but Commerce City spokesman Travis Huntington said a deal to sell and develop the drive-in had seemingly stalled, leaving the original owners of the 8780 Rosemary St. property still in charge.

He was not aware of any current plans to rezone or sell the property.

Read the full story from our partners at The Denver Post here.

Denver 7+ Colorado News Latest Headlines | May 8, 11am

Commerce City

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Adams County may soon land its third large-scale battery manufacturing plant, one producing more affordable and environmentally safer batteries.

The Colorado Economic Development Commission approved $1,053,000 in state Strategic Fund incentives on Thursday morning to Project Eleven, the code name for a startup developing sodium-ion battery technologies.

“The main drivers for the location decision are incentives, a business-friendly tax environment, access to talent and renewable energy policies,” Michelle Hadwiger, director of global business development at the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade told commissioners.

State support, which will come in the form of cash rather than the usual tax credit, is tied to the creation of 162 jobs over five years at a research and development campus and a battery foundry in Commerce City. Project Eleven is also considering locations in Michigan, Kentucky and California.

The jobs, which include engineering, manufacturing and management positions, are expected to pay an average annual wage of $120,000, which is 172% of the average annual wage in Adams County.

Local governments must match Strategic Fund awards and Commerce City is doing that. The combined incentives work out to $13,000 per job. The state incentive is linked to the company raising $26 million from investors, Hadwiger said. Late last year it raised about $10 million.

Although the request was presented under a code name, Landon Mossburg, a co-founder and CEO of Peak Energy, spoke on behalf of Project Eleven without hiding his identity.

“This will be very capital intensive, with lots of ramp up,” said Mossburg, who expects battery cell manufacturing could start in 2026. Given that the company will likely report losses for the foreseeable future, it sought cash incentives rather than the tax credits, he told commissioners.

Mossburg helped Tesla scale up its battery manufacturing capacity as the company’s former engineering director. He also helped Northvolt, a Swedish battery maker, establish a manufacturing base in North America.

Sodium is about 500 times more abundant than lithium, and widely available in the U.S., reducing the country’s dependence on foreign sources. Mining sodium is easier on the environment than lithium extraction and sodium-ion batteries are much cheaper to mass produce.

Beyond that, sodium-ion batteries are less prone to overheating and catching fire, making them safer. And when they wear out, they are easier to recycle.

The big knock against them, however, is that they are less dense, meaning they can’t store as much energy. Peak Energy said it has found a way to improve storage capacity and will continue to research advances at its new campus.

Utilities and renewable energy producers are expected to be the company’s biggest customers. Renewable sources typically produce energy intermittently when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining. Storage is key to holding that energy so it can be provided to customers when needed.

If Peak Energy chooses Commerce City, it will represent a growing streak of battery providers, each with a different technology, setting up in Adams County. Federal incentives designed to bring more green energy and semiconductor manufacturing back to the U.S. have spurred a surge in investments.

Solid Power, based in Louisville, started producing materials for solid-state batteries at a new factory in Thornton last year. That company is a spin-off using technology developed at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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Amprius Technologies, based in Freemont, Calif., is converting an abandoned Kmart distribution hub on East Bromley Lane in Brighton into a 775,000-square-foot facility employing 330 workers making lithium-ion batteries. Amprius uses a newer silicon anode technology to boost battery density and speed up recharging times, a plus for electric vehicle makers.

The plant has faced community opposition, mostly from surrounding homeowners worried about lithium and fire dangers, but it is moving forward.

Commerce City now appears close to landing a sodium-ion battery plant adding a third type of technology and helping the state develop a new industry.

The nation has seen 77 battery projects representing $80 billion in investment and 49,000 new jobs announced since the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act in August of 2022, according to a Cushman & Wakefield study.

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Adams County – The Denver Post

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The 88 Drive-In Theatre in Commerce City, the last remaining drive-in movie theater in Denver’s metro area, has experienced a rollercoaster of events over the past year. Initially slated for closure in the summer of 2023, the venue faced a bleak future as it was reported that the site would be repurposed, likely for commercial development. This announcement marked what many thought would be the end of over five decades of cinematic history in the region.

However, recent developments have brought a new chapter to this iconic establishment. In early 2024, the theater announced an unexpected reversal of its closure plans, signaling a rejuvenation for at least one more season. The theater’s management has yet to confirm a specific reopening date but has hinted that “it’s almost time” for the return of movie showings under the stars.

The 88 Drive-In Theatre continues to offer a nostalgic and affordable movie-going experience, charging only $10 per person while admitting children under 12 for free. This enduring appeal and the community’s response to the news of its reopening reflect a strong desire to preserve a unique part of Denver’s cultural landscape.

Spring has sprung at Commerce City’s wildlife refuge. The first bison calf of 2024 was spotted Monday morning.

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