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Commerce City North Super Bowl Squares

Try your luck with the Super Bowl Squares contest sponsored by Nathan Hart. Easy to play and a great way to stay engaged in the big game! $100 in prizes for each pool filled out. Must sign up by midnight, February 10th. See below for rules.

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super bowl squares contest for Commerce City North residents

The grid for our Super Bowl Squares contest is now complete!

If you thought you signed up and don’t see your name in any squares, please email before the game. I understand there might have been some issues for those trying to register with an i-phone 🙁

Football Page

Squares that weren’t taken were given to the charity, Purses to Go. Learn more about Purses to Go Here!

1st Q: Mindy D, Turnberry | KC 0, SF 0
2nd and 3rd Q: Branden H, Fronterra Village | KC 3, SF 0
Final: Amber D, Foxton Village | KC 5, SF 2

Fill out the form and click Submit to get your square. Limit 1 entry per person and 2 total per household. You will receive an email with your square locations after entering. If you don’t see the email, check your spam/junk folder.

If you register or login to the website, you will receive 2 squares instead of 1. You will also get 20 Commerce Coins for future raffles and events!

then return to this page to get 2 squares or fill out the following form to get 1 free square.
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Football PageHow to enter – Fill out the form to receive an entry. If you are registered and logged in to the website, you will get 2 squares, if not, you will get 1 square. You will instantly receive a verification email. If you don’t see an email, check your junk or spam folder. Sign up ends at midnight on February 10th. Completed grids will be available and emailed to you by noon on game day at the latest.

Setting up the game – There will be a 10 by 10 grid. This grid consists of 100 squares, with numbers 0 through 9 going both vertically and horizontally. The AFC team will be listed on the top and correspond to the columns, while the NFC team will be on the left and correspond to the rows. Your first name, last name initial, and subdivision will be randomly placed in a square(s).

How to play – At the end of each of the first 3 quarters and the final score, the last digit of each team’s score is used to determine the winner of that interval. For instance, if the score at the end of a quarter is AFC: 17 and NFC: 14, the square with the coordinates (7, 4) wins that interval.

Eligibility – One entry per person (2 squares if registered and logged in, 1 square if not). Two entries per household maximum. Winner must live in the Commerce City North area to be eligible to win prizes. Winners will be contacted within 7 days of the conclusion of the contest and consent to having their photo taken when receiving their prize.

Prizes – 1st quarter wins $20, 2nd quarter wins $25, 3rd quarter wins $20, final score wins $35.

Questions – Contact Nathan Hart at 303-564-4055 or